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We add value to research by understanding emotions

Neuromarketing is the new paradigm of market research, helping to validate what is said with what is thought.

About neuroscience

Understanding people’s emotions when watching a video, interacting with an object or simply enjoying a meal is priceless and more real than a good one! That’s what applied neuroscience in marketing or user experience is about, getting feedback on what people feel through neurotechnology.

It is time to connect, listen, analyze and understand, that is why we integrate neuroscience into our services, to understand the brain’s reactions to different stimuli, exploring different fields of the mind that consciously or unconsciously affect users’ decisions.



Understand the penchant for flexibility, simplicity, and ease

Start to finish

Understand the beginning, development and importance of the end


Study how the visual creates or changes perspectives.


When memories affect the decision.

“Giving people what they ask for is not as shocking as giving what they think, that’s what neuroscience is for”

By electrodes connected to the scalp, and in a non-invasive way, the E.E.G detects which areas of our brain are producing the most activity in real time. Since the electroencephalograph measures the electricity of the waves, allowing to discover if the person is nervous, excited, or reacts positively or negatively to a message.

01 Emotion detections

We identify emotions from the unconscious to deliver relevant information for brands.

02 Identification of body expressions

Gestures and movements are difficult to analyze, but with the help of neuroscience we can interpret them.

03 Cognitive analisis

Everything we see causes a reaction in our mind, generating thoughts that affect the relationship of people and brands.

04 Movement analysis by inertial measurement unit

Measuring the intensity of thoughts is key to developing strategies that respond to problems of perception.

“Little clues from the mind can announce big consumer trends”

Martin Lindstrom,

expert in creating and developing the world’s most influential brands

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