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About us

We are a passionate and ambitious multidisciplinary team.

That seeks to deliver results and surprise people.

Our culture is based on collaboration, continuous learning and a passion for what we do.

New learnings, everyday.

The best way to stay informed of the latest trends and technologies depends on each one, where through different channels we share success stories, new launches and opportunities for improvement. We also do internal talks and workshops to learn dynamically.

Exploration LAB

To learn new things, part of our methodology impulse us to explore various specialties through creative group tools and exercises that allow us to find new ways to achieve better results.

Not everything is work

For us it is very important to generate affectionate and close bonds within the team. For this reason, every so often we go for a happy hour to talk about the things that interest us or we simply have lunch to celebrate a birthday or some goal accomplished.

A great team connects their heads to create great solutions.

Cristián Angulo

Director / Fundador

Rodrigo Gaete

Brand Events / Socio

Óscar Navarro

Nuevos Negocios/ Socio

Matías Meza

Líder de Branding

Juan Pablo Cubillos

Líder Productos Digitales

Rodrigo Zamorano

Diseñador UX/UI

Catalina Olazo

Directora de Cuentas

Carlos Parra

Social Media Manager

Franco Morales

Director de Arte

Javier Herrera

Administración y Finanzas

Andrés Martínez

Desarrollador Fullstack

Marcelo Chandía

Director de Arte

Guadalupe Galindo

Encargada de reclutamiento y desarrollo organizacional

Ian Thornton

Líder de Proyectos

Marcelo Figueroa

Líder de Proyectos

Mariel Aldana

Ejecutiva Comercial

Alexander Chekspir

Diseñador UI/UX